A genuine passion for music and the music industry has been my driving force for the past ten years. During my Master's Degree in Business Administration / Project Management, I wrote my thesis called "Music Industry Business Models focused on Indie Artists" which now has over 25K downloads in the official source. I am currently dividing my time between developing a direct-to-fan subscription platform to empower artists and writing my second publication called "Music Industry's Business Models in the Digital Era: Against the Backdrop of COVID-19 and Beyond (From Napster to Coronavirus)". The book will be ready soon.

Like many professionals, I have more than one career running in parallel, which allowed me to think innovatively. I have more than 15 years of professional experience in Project Management, Account Management, Customer Success, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, International Trade, Purchasing and Business Analysis in different industries and a proven track record of growing revenue, onboarding new customers and expanding to international markets. Main markets are Europe and Latin America with experience with North America and Asia and some experience with Middle-East and Africa. I am living in Finland for the past six years but I like to work on a global scale. 

Photo: Saku Tiainen

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