Iara is a Brazilian singer who lives in Joensuu, Finland. While singing has always been just a hobby and a talent that has been with her since childhood, she has been selected to participate in the Finnish version of The Voice season 2017. She has been playing the guitar since she was 9 years old.

Iara Dias dos Santos was born and raised in Viçosa, Brazil. She has lived in Finland for 3 years now, where she has just finished a master's degree in International Project Management focusing on Business Models of the Music Industry. She is keen to work with music-related businesses. "When I moved here I knew that I wanted to work with music, but at the beginning, it was just the business side. Music has always been present in my life, but as a hobby only. The combination of both worlds would be perfect."

In 2008 Iara moved to Vitória and then Belo Horizonte before choosing Finland. Her family stayed in Brazil. "I always go to Viçosa, Vitória and Belo Horizonte, but this year, with The Voice and having to finish the master's degree, I could not go," said Iara, who intends to stay in Finland for a while. "Now I'm dedicating myself to music, not only singing, playing and writing songs,  but also as a project manager in the music industry."

Photo: Saku Tiainen